WFXT-DT (Channel 31) off the air?

Fitzpatrick, Mike
Wed Dec 3 23:02:40 EST 2003

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> Well, as I noted last week, WFXT-25 has appeared to be at reduced
> power for almost two weeks now (they apparently returned to full
> power for a day or so, then dropped back down again, where they
> have remained, since).

WFXT-DT transmits from a bottom hanging antenna off of the Needham
Candelabra , which is mounted below their analog stick (you should hear the
stories from the guys at Spectrasite about that installation!).
WFXT transmitting at a lower power MAY be a side affect to a different issue
OR they are temporarily combining the two signals, which causes WFXT to be
at lower power. Again this is pure speculation on my part.

About the note back from WFXT saying "their transmitter is having problems"
may lead me to believe that possibly the note did not come from the
engineering staff but the promotions or "public relations" department. Many
public relations/promotional people at stations don't know the difference
between a antenna, transmitter or tower. They just know that all three make
the signal happen somehow, somewhere.

About tower crews going up on towers during the cold weather, the
temperature doesn't matter. We had tower guys working not too far from our
Main antenna today at 10am. Even though it was breezy and cold. I've seen
tower guys work in temperatures well below freezing before, although not
pleasant, it is done. Usually ice, thunderstorms, and wind are big factors
in not doing tower work.

--Mike Fitzpatrick

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