WFXT-DT (Channel 31) off the air?

Shawn Mamros mamros@MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 3 09:19:01 EST 2003

>Comcast is displaying a set of color bars with a CG message stating that
>WFXT is having trouble with their "transmission line" and is working
>"non-stop" to restore the digital signal.

The same message also said it would be "days" (as opposed to hours or
minutes) before the signal would be restored, though.

Hmm... how cold does it have to be before it's considered too cold for
tower climbers to do their work?  I wonder if they might put this off
for a while.  (Bet it wouldn't take as long to fix if it were analog
Channel 25 that was forced off the air...)

-Shawn Mamros
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