Liberal radio group buying five stations

Bob Nelson
Tue Dec 2 15:49:24 EST 2003

--- SteveOrdinetz <> wrote:

> Jim Hightower (who was on the list you linked to) is
> another with a rather
> grating voice and accent.  Has he ever done a
> longform show?  I'm only
> aware of shortform commentaries.

I think he used to do a weekly show (Saturdays?)
but it was cancelled.

> > Michael Jackson
> Didn't a Boston station carry him a few years ago? 
> The old WHDH maybe?  I
> vaguely recall hearing him somewhere around here.

Not sure; I do know once I heard him on a station
from ME or NH...WGIR? A friend in California sent me a
tape or two of him from an LA station, but the station
he was on changed to music and dumped talk, and him.

> A lot of the hosts on that list seemed to be either
> NPR or Pacifica.  IMHO
> Pacifica is way too far out there to have any real
> cred, and I question
> how well NPR announcers will go over on commercial
> radio.  Commercial and
> non-comm are really two different worlds (and
> audiences).

One radio (AND TV) liberal show, "Democracy Now!",
is a good example of this.
You can see the TV version of "Democracy Now!" on
many cable system's public access stations. The
focus seems more on the world than the US and
seems scholarly and public-radio style rather than
what you'd hear on Rush, Hannity, etc.:

I'd think the "liberal network" might instead try to
do shows in the style of current _commercial_ talk
radio: Playing cuts of newsmakers and reacting to
them, poking fun often (as Laura Ingraham does);
doing regular features (they could do their own
versions of Ingraham's "Lie of the Day", Carr's "Chump
Line", etc.)

It remains to be seen whether or not the network
would be willing to put opposing views on. Ingraham
has put on mini-debates (for example, she talked
about how a university in Texas had a group that
"evaluated professors" and she had on not only
one of the members of this group, but one of the
professors they evaluated; and she also had on
both sides of a "separation of church and state"

So if, say, the liberal network were to have an
anti-war activist on, would they also have a
conservative/war supporter on to debate him/her? Cable
TV is doing this, too; like Fox TV's Hannity
(conservative) and Colmes (liberal).

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