Dan Strassberg
Tue Dec 2 07:11:34 EST 2003

Meanwhile, WCRN (830 Worcester) seems to have switched to all Christmas
music, except from 9:00 AM to noon, when it carries Barry Armstrong's
financial show and an hour of infomercials, and at other times when it
carries brokered programming, including sports events. Strangely, WCRN's
flip, which took place after Thanksgiving, has apparently escaped the
attention of inveterate radio-board poster Joseph Gallant, who has started
threads at about, what seem to be every other--real or
imagined--Xmas flip in New England this year. And Mr Gallant professes to be
a big fan of the Worcester station and it's swing-music format.

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> Tonight, WPTR seems to be running no Christmas music at all, just the
regular "Legends"
> music.  Earlier tonight, they were running "When Radio Was," hosted by
Stan Freberg,
> which features old-time radio shows.  They were playing an Abbott &
Costello Show from the
> early 1950s.
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