Fw: More on liberal radio network, supposedly coming to Boston ...

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> Well, at Radio-Info.com, this story has led to rampant speculation about
> WWZN. A deal with Paul Allen could also get the network stations in New
> and L.A. (WSNR 620 Jersey City and KMPC 1540). I think the network would
> less interested in buying (and Allen would likely be less interested in
> selling) his original radio properties, KXL A/F Portland OR. AFAIK,
> of the KXL stations is affiliated with SNR. Another good catch for the
> network would be WMET Gaithersburg MD (DC). This station, which holds a CP
> for 50-kW days, has had a very checkered history and is reportedly up for
> sale yet again. Nevertheless, the 50 kW signal is allegedly close to
> completion and if and when it goes on the air, the station should have
> decent daytime coverage of DC. I think I read that the network will be
> headquartered in New York City, but how can a network that focuses on
> politics NOT have a presence in DC? So that gets the station count to
> #5 is a big question mark. I presume they'd like a Chicago-area station.
> Perhaps AM 1200 there, which has lost its Tx site, might be available.
> I believe that the owner of that station is in Chapter 11.
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> > There is a piece this morning in the NYT about the liberal radio network
> > acquiring five stations, including one in Boston:
> >
> f4e9668325a5&ei=5062&partner=GOOGLE
> > Does anyone know which station in Boston they are supposedly buying?
> > Most of the big AM and FM stations are owned by big corporations. I
> > see them selling.
> > Is Greater Media going to sell WTKK? There were some rumors that ad revs
> > were low of late.
> > Is Langer or Mega going to sell the investors one of their tiny AMs?
> >
> > So many questions ...
> >
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