Today's LTAR: beautiful to rock; FM sports

Steve West
Mon Dec 1 07:59:58 EST 2003

>So, yes, 93.7 has a better signal in Boston than does 107.3, and though
>improvements in 107.3's signal in Boston are possible, it seems unlikely 
>107.3 could boost its signal to equal 93.7's.

I know this means absolutely nothing to the powers that be, but since the 
start of this discussion (how many years has it been now?) I have thought 
the whole idea of WAAF moving off Mt. Asnebumskit is STUPID!  When you've 
got the kind of coverage that WAAF currently has (which, incidently only 2 
other stations in New England have and one other which is close), you don't 
give it up.

Unless Entercom has another station on 107.3 somewhere close that has to 
protect for WAAF and by moving WAAF out of Paxton that solves a problem, it 
seems to be one of the most bone headed ideas anyone with a station would 
propose.  Especially since it appears that the signal gains in Boston would 
be marginal at best.  I rather like someone else's proposal of swapping 
formats/calls with 93.7.  That's something which makes sense.

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