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CCU to install RDS in 192 FM stations

News bit from BE Radio.   Anyone think this "means" anything more than what 
it looks like on the surface?

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Clear Channel to Install RDS Generators in Stations
San Antonio, TX and Miami - Oct 21, 2003 - Clear Channel Radio is working 
with Audemat-Aztec to install RDS generators in some of its radio stations. 
The technology will enable Clear Channel to enhance its current radio 
broadcasts by scrolling the artist name and title playing on the air, 
station call letters, traffic information and other locally focused 
messages for immediate display on listenersradios. Clear Channel is 
launching the technology on 192 of its FM stations in the top 50 U.S. 
markets by the end of November.

Audemat-Aztecs FMB80: Dynamic RDS generator with TCP/IP connectivity 
communicates with the automation software through its serial or 
Ethernet-TCP/IP ports to send song and artist information and station 
messages. The IP addressable feature allows radio operators to make changes 
from anywhere, keeping information displayed relevant and local.