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RE: Pro's & Kin's

> If it's an English-language broadcast, shouldn't they give it the
> correct English pronunciation?  Do we have to Hispanicize everything
> just to please some politically-correct pressure groups?
> -GAWollman

In a world where even a state's Governor-Elect can mispronounce the state
name.... Cal-ee'-for-nee'-ya....and steel get elected. (very sic)...  Seriously,
not to make fun of immigrants who actually SPEAK that way all of the time, like
Arnold.  It's more of those who are incredibly fluent in all manners of speech
until they come across certain native words.  And, another thing, it's
Provoloneeeee cheese.  Thank you.

I know that Quincy, Mass., is pronounced, "Quinzy" by many.  That gets
overlooked.  Marblehead, "Marble-HEAD," otherwise, you're in Athol. ;-)

Bill O'Neill (oft misspelled with but one "L")