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Re: Another TV news station for Springfield ....where is W67DF TX

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From: "Rick Kelly" <nuhuc@juno.com>
To: <paulranderson@charter.net>
Cc: <bri@bostonradio.org>
> Seems odd, really odd to me.  W67DF has a poor signal in most areas of
> Springfield, WFSB is looks like a local signal.  Where is W67DF's TX,
> anyway?
> -Rick Kelly

site is: 42 14' 28",    72 38' 54         on Mt Tom, north of Springfield,
same as WGGB 40 & WGBY 57

 with a  tight pattern due south,  to Springfield

W67DF has a whopping ERP:              1.60  kW
compared to WGGB 4270 kw,  WGBY 1200kw (? cp 1480 kw)

personally, this change seems rather low intelligence.
is this typical of TRINITY?