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WRUL/WNYW, "Radio New York Worldwide" (was Re: no more WJUL????)

     In fact, the station is still on the air, but no
longer transmitting from Scituate, MA and no longer
the commercially operated WNYW.  The station is now
known as WYFR, transmitting from "Okeechobee" (sp),
Florida.  It is the mouthpiece of Family Radio (aka
Harold Camping).  It is very religious and allegedly
non-commercial.  WNYW was owned by Bonneville
International (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.....The Mormons).
 It was operated as a commercial outlet with CBS radio
    Toward the end of WNYW's existence, most of the
programming on WNYW was soft music called "Music From
New York", the same music heard on WRFM (105.1/New
York) but with bilingual Spanish/English
announcements.  Most of WNYW's signal was aimed toward
the Caribbean and South America. The Mormons sold WNYW
in late 1972 and eventually moved their transmitters
from Scituate to Florida between 1977 and 1978. If you
visit the old site on Hatherly Road in Scituate,
you'll find not a trace of WRUL/WNYW's existence.   
> > How about WRUL?  They rule!!  :-)
> I believe that was once the call letters of a
> shortwave radio station whose transmittersused to 
> be somewhere in the Boston area.  Sometime in the
> late 1960s, the station changed its call 
> to WNYW -- Radio New York Worldwide.  I'm not sure
> what happened to it after that, except 
> that I think it no longer exists.
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