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WJUL ---> WUML Lowell

The pending calls change has, indeed, been in the works long before any inside
deal was hatched with the Sun newspaper.  In fact, since the University of
Lowell changed to UMass Lowell, the discussion began that far back.

The station signed on as WLTI (Lowell Technological Institute) where the "North
Campus" sits (originally, carrier current, in its current 91.5 channel in 1971.)
In 1975, LTI and Lowell State College (South Campus) merged to form the
University of Lowell, hence, the calls change to WJUL shortly thereafter.  I
understand that the choices were WXUL, WTUL, WJUL, and, perhaps, another choice
or two.  The _students_ were asked to make the final choice.  (My how times have
changed.)  Some claim that WJUL was a moniker for "Joint under Lowell" "Joints
under Lowell" or just that the calls seemed to flow better.

I suspect that the calls WUML will not be innunciated too often on the station
once they're engaged.  You can look for imaging around its longtime slogan, Real
Underground Radio, with a legal ID, as necessary.

And no, the Lowell Sun show will have no say or input on overall station imaging
or creative production efforts, with limits to their paid programming slot in AM

Bill O'Neill
WJUL PD (early 80s)