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Re: WJUL "Lowell SunRise"

   From what I've heard the first two days, I'm not impressed. Audio quality
sounds flat and at times, distorted. It sounds like most of the features are
recorded, and the news and sports appears to be recorded as well. Not too
much Lowell area news either. The traffic reports are live. The Lowell Sun
had an article in yesterday's editions about the first day of  "Lowell
SunRise", the paper's editor admitted that day one was a bit rocky but
things will improve in time.

    Not noted on the list yet: the talent. News and sports handled by Bob
Ellis, who spent over 20 years at WLLH, then went to WCCM. Also heard on
traffic and features is John Collins, who is a Lowell Sun reporter, but has
also worked in radio in the past, including stops at WSMN, WCCM, WOTW.

Mark Watson