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Re: WYCM article in Telegram

On Monday, September 29, 2003, at 11:29  PM, Richard Chonak wrote:

> Paul Anderson wrote:
>> There's an article about WYCM Charlton, now a Christian music  
>> station,  in today's Worcester Telegram & Gazette.  The station was  
>> formerly  WBPV, run by Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High  
>> School.
>> <http://telegram.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20030929/NEWS/ 
>> 30929001/ 1004/NEWS04>
> Alas, the Telegram article can only be read by paying subscribers.

A lot of other newspapers just require registration and no fee for  
those who don't subscribe to the paper.  I wonder why the Telegram  
doesn't do that.

> Perhaps someone with access could summarize it for the list.

Here's a brief summary of the article.

The article describes how Heirwaves (now Christian Mix Radio) bought  
WNEB Worcester (1230 AM) in 1997 for $225,000 but sold the station  
eighteen months later.  The only paid employee at WYCM is Stanley  
Binley, who had worked at Channel 27 in Worcester and for 23 years at  
Channel 25 in Boston starting when they first came on the air.

Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School lost interest in  
running the then-WPBV and sold it for $237,000 to Heirwaves in April.   
The station now broadcasts at 100 watts 24 hours a day, seven days a  
week and relies solely on donations.  Their recent pledge drive netted  
$43,479, short of the $92,000 goal (the estimated six-month budget).   
Their potential audience (750,000) is larger than that of WNEB  

They program praise and worship shows, and inspirational adult  
contemporary and Christian hit music.  They are non-denominational.   
The 9 PM-to-midnight show features Christian rock, ska, reggae and  
hip-hop.  The studios are on the second floor of Webster First Federal  
Credit Union in Trolley Crossing (presumably a part of Charlton) near  
US Route 20.

Mr. Binley claims they are the first full-time Christian music station  
in Massachusetts.