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Re: WBRS Brandeis Radio?

Aaron Read asked:

>I wouldn't think so....why would an average that's LOWER than a fixed 
>bit rate of 256 be better?

Variable Bit Rate uses whatever bit rate is needed to accurately encode information.  Complex sounds use high bit rates (up to 320Kbps) when needed and lower bit rates whehn possible.  The resulting file theoretically sounds as good as 320Kbps encoding while only taking up as much room as a 176Kbps encoded) file.  Compared to 256Kbps, that can amount to a few extra Gb of disk space.

A well-designed player should have no problem with a properly encoded (and headered) VBR file.

May I inquire what defect you hear in Joint Stereo?  I have no axe to grind, but you are the first person I've heard express that.