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Re: WBRS Brandeis Radio?

Aaron Read wrote:
>  After that, we've got a computer with Raduga Automation mostly ready but 
> the ~400GB RAID array isn't quite set up and we've still got to get music 
> into MP3 form...a long and laborous process even with the four "ripping 
> stations" I set up for them.

Why on Earth are you using mp3 audio on the air?  MP3 files generally sound 
rather harsh & brittle unless you use a very high bitrate.  Hard drives are 
cheap, why sacrifice quality to save space?   Are college kids so 
accustomed to downloaded mp3s that they can't hear the difference?

>It cannot be heard anywhere west of Rt.128 thanks to co-channel WWFX 
>moving their transmitter and jacking up the wattage about four years 
>ago.  Thanks so much Citadel!!!  (bastards)

Kind of strong language considering that (by your own admission) this 
station (WBRS) doesn't seem to be on the air much.  Especially considering 
the thread a few weeks ago about the lack of available LPFM frequencies in 
the state.  If so few people at Brandeis care about the station, turn in 
the license and maybe let someone who will do something with the frequency 
have it.  Use it or lose it (or as you put it).

>Just out of curiousity, why do you ask?  Nobody seems to care much about 
>WBRS these days...  :-/