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Re: Talk format flip on 1150AM

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From: Peter Murray <pete@partnercomm.com>

> Format change is not a foregone conclusion with an ownership change.

In this case it absolutely is. When the sale of 1150 to Salem was announced,
1150's current owner, Mega, immediately terminated the LMA of its other
Boston property, 890. 890 had been LMAed to a Chicago company that was
airing syndicated right-wing (black helicopter) talk. Mega then immediately
began airing its Spanish programming on 890, which became a simulcast of
1150. When Salem announced its acquisition of 1150, it also announced that
it would run secular talk on the station (a decision the company has
apparently since modified to Christian talk). Finally, as 1150 has been
programmed in Spanish since Mega acquired it about three years ago and as
Salem (AFAIK) does not own any stations that are programmed in Spanish,
there should be no question that the current programming on 1150 will end
when Salem assumes control.

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