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Re: WINQ-FM 97.7 Moving

I didn't notice a DA in WINQ's application. My impression was that the shape
of the upgraded coverage area (kind of elliptical with the major axis of the
ellipse running north-northwest to south-southeast) was a consequence of the
topography. I guess that an application accepted for filing was a
prerequisite for the deal with Silberberg to go down. Otherwise, it's an odd
coincidence that WINQ files to deliver a city-grade signal to Keene just
when the owners (who are they, Citadel? Saga?) agree to sell the station.
The application also answers all of the "Why would anyone buy it; what could
you DO with that signal?" questions.

As far as the effect of a WINQ upgrade on WBOT, well, the data on WOKQ's
coverage in WINQ's application seems to put the lie to a claim I saw in a
message at radio-info.com from a guy who claimed to KNOW. He said that WBOT
was absolutely as far north as it could go without causing prohibited
overlap with WOKQ. Doesn't look that way to me. If I read the maps
correctly, the normally off-the-wall Joseph Gallant (remember him? he used
to be a frequent poster here and he annually posted a group of wild
predictions for Boston-market signals) wins this one. I doubt whether anyone
at RadioOne is listening, though.

Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@att.net
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> <<On Thu, 08 May 2003 19:05:16 -0400, "Laurence Glavin"
<lglavin@lycos.com> said:
> > According to the FCC's Daily Digest Applications, WINQ-FM 97.7
> > COL: Winchendon, MA will be moving closer to Keene, NH
> This is hardly surprising since it seems to have been the new owners'
> intention to make it a Keene station from the beginning.  It's not
> like WINQ has done much of anything in its home ``market''
> recently....
> > This will probably diminish co-channel interference for
> > WBOT-FM COL: Brockton, MA (ha ha ha).
> I don't think Brockton has had any sort of interference issues
> in-market as a result of Winchendon anyway -- particularly not since
> their upgrade.
> -GAWollman