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Re: WINQ-FM 97.7 Moving

Laurence Glavin writes:
> According to the FCC's Daily Digest Applications, WINQ-FM 97.7
> COL: Winchendon, MA will be moving closer to Keene, NH
> and installing a directional antenna (probably to protect
> WOKQ-FM 97.5 COL: Dover, NH).
> This will probably diminish co-channel interference for
> WBOT-FM COL: Brockton, MA (ha ha ha).
> Would the latter attempt to capitalize in some way?

Would WBOT be able to change its COL to, say, maybe Dedham and run with a
directional antenna (beaming southwest from FM 128, maybe) that would put a
bunch of signal over Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan and Quincy and beam away
from WOKQ?