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Re: Bob Ryan suspended one month

Actually, I wasn't drawing the connection to Gov't
Parental Right...or even the Globe's right to do what
they want...

I'm only pointing out how 'outraged' people are by a
comment someone made in jest....that *nobody* even
believes he really meant or advocated.

Isn't that interesting?


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> Subject: Re: Bob Ryan suspended one month
> > And once in a while I say about my own son "I'm
> gonna kill him!".
> >
> > Does anyone believe that?
> >
> > Does anyone worry that I am really advocating
> such?
> >
> > Does anyone think my legal rights as a father
> should be taken away from
> me?
> Now that's different.  You are bringing in the
> government and your parental
> rights.  The Globe is a private organization and
> Ryan has no right to his
> job.  (Then again, maybe he does in Mass., but not
> in most states.  Someone
> brought up the Vanessa Redgrave case here recently. 
> Maybe Ryan can sue.  He
> has a constitutional right to advocate violence
> against women!)
> Ryan's big mistake was not taking Lobel's invitation
> to make it clear that
> he was joking.  If he had backed off, I think the
> Globe would have, or at
> least should have, let him off with after an
> apology.  I think the fact that
> he made the remark as part of a pointed attack on
> the wife of a basketball
> player, made it worse.  Ryan really sounded like he
> had something against
> the women.  If it had been a more off hand remark,
> the reaction might have
> been different.
> The whole incident did remind me of something George
> Carlin said on Imus:
> Imus asked him about the OJ Simpson verdict and
> Carlin said in reference to
> the victims, "Did anyone ever consider that they
> might have had it coming."
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

Joe Pappalardo


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