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Re: Bob Ryan suspended one month

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Subject: Re: Bob Ryan suspended one month

> Let's keep this in perspective....
> Bob Ryan said "words" that were offensive = Should be fired.(?)
> Jason Kidd...actually WAS arrested for, admitted to, and charged with
> domestic abuse = still working!
> Let's keep our priorities straight!

Kidd was charged but the charges were dropped.  I think the Nets could
justify firing him if they wished.  The Houston Astros recently cut a player
immediately following a domestic violence arrest.

There is a difference between the two situations  -- Kidd is paid to play
basketball.  Ryan is paid to offer his opinions.  Ryan's appearance on
television are, in part, a way to promote the Globe and his column.  When he
does something stupid on TV, it is directly related to his job in a way that
something going on his private life would not (unless it became public).
But it is clear that when he goes on TV, he is representing the Globe and
accountable to them for his conduct.

I think the suspension was an appropriate response.  Firing would go too

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine