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Re: Mega Sells WAMG Boston

On 5 May 2003 at 22:26, Mark Watson wrote:

>    All Access reporting that Mega is selling WAMG (1150 Boston) to Salem
> Communications for $8.6 million. Salem is planning on using WAMG and
> another station they have purchased in Colorado to launch a conservative
> news/talk format. Salem also owns WEZE (590) and WROL (950) in Boston,
> WROL is running talk in afternoons and evenings. I wonder if the talk now
> on WROL will shift to 1150.
And there will probably be yet another call-letter change on the station 
which may hold the record for the record number of call-letter changes in 
the Boston market. 

Is anyone up on whether it's 1150 or 1510 that holds the record these 

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