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Don't Make Any Plans For June 2nd

As some of you may know, Harvard University's radio station
WHRB-FM 95.3, has what it calls Orgy(tm) periods, during
which it broadcasts lengthy programs given over to one type
of music (or non-music in some cases).  The Spring Orgy(tm) is now in progress.  The highlight will be several days 
of the entire recorded oeuvre of Serge Progofiev, who died
50 years ago (on the exact same day as Joseph Stalin in fact).
BTW, WHRB has a staff-member called the "Orgy Director", I bet his or her parents are really proud!
Anyone interested in viewing the shedule of the current Orgy(tm) period need only go to www.whrb.org
and click on the Program Guide.  There are two ways to do this:
a complete schedule on one very L-O-N-G page...
or you can scroll down to the bottom of the Program Guide
and view calendars for May and June.  Now here's the 
oddity...as far as WHRB, and by extension, Harvard University,
June 2nd doesn't exist!  If you view the L-O-N-G pagre,
the schedule goes from Sunday night June 1st to Tuesday morning
June 3rd.   If you use the calendar grid and click on
June 2nd, you get zilch, nada, rien!  Drat...there were 
many days in January and February I could have done without,
and Harvard takes away a day in June!

Laurence Glavin

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