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Re: Jerry Williams biography

That's a rather condensed bio. I believe I heard Jerry say many times on the 
air that after WCYB, he worked at WEDO McKeesport (Pittsburgh) PA. I am under 
the impression that the reference to WIBG Philadelphia is correct, but my 
attempts (quite a while ago) to confirm that he worked there failed. I think 
that WIP was the last station he worked at in Philly before he came to Boston 
in 1957 (and joined Mac and Dickie Richmond at the first "new" WMEX). I still 
remember a few of the things I heard on his first show on WMEX.
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> WRKO has posted a notice on their website that they will be replaying the
> March 1st show that Jerry did on RKO soon.  His bio is at:
> http://www.radiohof.org/newstalk/jerrywilliams.html
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