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Polarization to get close to channel 6

On Sun, 27 Apr 2003 23:30:54 Aaron Read wrote:

> Can't you also polarize your signal to get closer to
> a Chan.6?  Either 
> horizontal or vertical, I think I vertical.  

It is, in fact, vertical.  WVHC(FM) Herkimer NY
(Herkimer County Community College's radio station)
has to do just that.  Despite the fact that they are a
good 70 miles from WRGB Schenectady NY, when they
applied for a license to broadcast in 91.5 FM they
were told that they had to be vertically polarized to
protect WRGB.

                             Matt Osborne
                             Poughkeepsie, NY
                             WVHC alumni

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