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Re: FCC Daily Digest For April 25th:

Did the FCC grant WRNI a license to cover or did the FCC merely accept for 
filing WRNI's application for a license to cover? Typically, several months 
elapse between FCC's acceptance for filing of a directional AM's application 
for a license to cover a CP for a power increase and the grant of the license 
to cover. I think acceptance for filing of an application for a license to 
cover simply means that the Commission agrees that the paperwork is complete 
and in order. The actual grant of the license to cover indicates that the 
Commission agrees that the permittee has demonstrated that the work described 
in the CP has actually been performed in the manner described in the CP.

Who do you think the stations are dealing with--the sub shop on the corner? Can 
you say bureaucracy?
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> At 05:18 PM 4/25/2003, Laurence Glavin wrote:
> >Today's Daily digest has two items that are of interest:
> >
> >WRNI-AM 1290, Boston U's outlet in Providence
> >(not 95.5 FM as R&R would have you believe)
> >has been granted a license to cover.  Its entry in
> >the AM search has 4 items.  Does anyone out there know
> >what's going on (too bad df doesn't post here  anymore)?
> They're expanding their daytime power to match the nighttime: 10kW as 
> opposed to 5kW.
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