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WXKS-AM Powered Down Last Night(You Could Set Your Watch)

As a result of yesterday's (04/23) posting about WXKS-AM
1430 flouting FCC regs, I tuned my  radio with a 
relative-signal-strength meter to 1430 at about 7:30 pm
last evening.  Not only did WXKS-AM go from a nearly
3.5 reading to disappearing in the mush of 1430s, but
it did so at precisely 7:30.  You could set your watch!
Then this morning, I was too busy to sit around and wait
for thepower-up at 6:00, but I did set the portable I use
to listen to LTAR on 1430 before 6:00 am.  I received a
giant signal from WENE, with a little weaving in-and-out by 
the 1430 in NJ as well as a feeble output from WXKS.  
At precisely 6:00 am,  I could hear the overnight jock
say good-morning to the morning guy because the Wellington Circle facility went 5K NDA and squelched
the out-of-town outlets like so many ants.
This in Methuen, about 27 miles north of the stick.

Laurence Glavin

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