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RE: WCCM drops local

> Right this very minute (04/23 Shakespeare's Birthday
> at 4:45 pm), they're carrying ESPN sportstalk instead
> of local talk.  The competition from WCAP was too much!
> Bruce Arnold is "reported" to be en vacance (a little
> French lingo because I like many things French: vin et la musique).
> Laurence Glavin

Just returned to Vt. from the Dracut homestead.  TRIED to catch WCCM (1490
Haverhill).  Daytime was a stretch, nighttime impossible.  Who were they trying
to kid?  Lowellians were having a hard enough time buying a Lawrence signal as
having any local relevance.  Add _another_ ten miles up the river, and.....  To
call that a rimshot Spinners signal to Lowell would be describing a kindergarten
drummer boy starter kit rimshot.  But, I guess it's more of a need to occupy the
booth with wires, people with headphones and other neat stuff.

Bill O'Neill