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Re: Bob Bittner on WGME-TV

It was a good story.  A nice plug for the station and the reporter certainly
captured the spirit of the enterprise.  The funniest line was Bob calling
one of his dogs the General Manager and the other the Music Director.  I'm
sure the dog is smarter than some of the general manager's that I have
worked for.  After the story, the story was the subject of the chit-chat
before the news signed off and Meteorologist Dave Santoro said that anyone
who has every worked in radio or TV has wanted to be able to do exactly what
they want and Bob gets to do that.

One minor factual error:  The story said Bob bought the station 10 years
ago.  My memory is that he bought the station in 1996.  The story pointed
out that Bob runs WJTO with the profits from his other station in Cambridge,
but the story left the impression that the other station was a normal
commercial station.  But these are minor points, Bob got about $1200 of free
publicity so it was great to see.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine