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Re: Globe on John Garabedian

Kevin Vahey spake:

>Left unsaid in this rehash of the RKO MEX wars is 
>how both stations tried to ignore that FM was not 
>going away. It was right around this time that 
>college students discovered FM sounded a whole lot 
>better in their dorm rooms.

Actually, this issue was addressed (although, not properly) at WRKO.  The jocks knew the impact that FM was going to have, thus the LP cuts phase.  Engineering was even "looking at" AM stereo.  But, lack of consensus on which was the better system stalled that in its tracks.  On the other hand, PD's at RKO were still slightly under the thumb of Corporate Management at General Tire which had bigger fish to fry i.e. how to get out from under the State Police /Tire Sales Bribing scandal and the resulting Consent Decree that had an impact on their fitness to hold a license.