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Re: Globe on John Garabedian

In the mid 60's WLLH-FM was simply simulcasting AM

I recall the first FMer to have decent ratings was WJIB when they 
imported KFOG San Franciscos format. That more than anything woke up the 
FM band here.

Mid 70s WBZ was simply stale and WHDH under new ownership pounced. Dave 
Maynard had problems in the morning and Jess Cain just had him for 
lunch. WHDH also lucked out when the MDC Police assigned Officer Bill 
Connell to the Skyway Patrol. He was able to exchange small talk with 
the jocks something Joe Green could not do. HDH also lucked out when 
they gambled on a new start up at Penn State called Accuweather. 
Listerns had no idea that Dr Joel and Elliot were 600 miles away AND 
their forcasts were usually right, far more so than Don Kent who really 
mailed it in.

WBZ didn't recover until Papa Ginos destroyed Newsradio 59 and they 
started to focus on news.