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Re: Techinical Problems at WCSH

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From: "Tony Randazzo" <nova828@yahoo.com>
To: <bri@bostonradio.org>
Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2003 7:04 PM
Subject: Re: Techinical Problems at WCSH

> WLBZ in Bangor was off the air during the entrie local
> news (except for a slide and loud tone) at 6:30 when
> NBC Nightly started, you could barley hear the audio
> but the slide was still up...anyone have any idea what
> happened?

I know one of the WCSH reporters lurks here from time to time.  Maybe he'll
e-mail me directly with an answer.  (hint, hint)

Apparently Jennifer Rooks was doing the news live and it wasn't getting on
the air at either station.  (If a newscast doesn't get on the air, did it
really happen?)

When I first noticed the problem, I thought maybe the Tech on duty had left
the room, not knowing NBC was going to cut away.  Obviously, it was a bigger
problem than that.

-- Dan BIllings, Bowdoinham, Maine