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Re: This is awful

A prank caller claiming to have debris in his backyard just got on live on
CBS and after getting on with Rather said that the debris appeared to be one
of baba-bouy's teeth.  When is the media going to learn that relying on live
callers for news in these situations is risky?

CBS radio is feeding coverage from a Dallas radio station that is taking
calls from people claiming to have seen or heard the accident.  I listened
for 5 minutes and the calls were inconsistent.  It was obvious some were
just making things up.  One claimed debris started an apartment house fire.
I don't blame the local station for doing such coverage, they probably have
limited resources, but I don't think CBS is serving anyone by sending it

The TV coverage that I have seen have all done a good job trying to explain
what could have been possible causes, but making it clear that the theories
are only speculation.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine