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Re: Old Channel 5 tower

>I think that whoever wrote the WGBH-FM had applied to move to FM-128 was 
>mistaken. If I recall, WGBH-FM's application to move is to Needham--to what 
>Garrett now calls the Viacom tower. [...]

When in doubt, go to the source.  I just checked the FCC database -
the WGBH (FM) application is for Antenna Structure Registration No.
1003433 at 42-18-37 N Latitude and 71-14-14 W Longitude - the same
as for WBZ-TV.  So Dan has it right; their application is to move
to the Viacom tower, not FM-128 (ASRN 1004623, 42-18-27 N Latitude,
71-13-27 W Longitude).

-Shawn Mamros (thank you, fcc.gov)
E-mail to: mamros@mit.edu