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Old Channel 5 tower

<<On Fri, 31 Jan 2003 15:26:28 -0500, "Kevin Vahey" <k-vahey@attbi.com> said:

> I will submit this to the tower experts on the list. Why hasn't the old 
> WHDH-TV tower in Newton ever been considered to ease the overcrowding on 
> Channel 4's stick.

What overcrowing on the Viacom tower?

The setup on that tower is pretty simple:

390 - Master UHF panel on the top for 20, 30, 39, and (future) 43
374 - 19/44 panel
353 - 4 and 5 (circularly polarized)
225 - 2 panel

I'd be surprised if they did not have empty combiner ports waiting for
additional stations to sign up to use the master.  It looks like 'MFP
has applied to do digital from there, although I don't know if they
have an actual lease agreement with Viacom.

Perhaps Viacom is offering better lease terms than American Tower.  In
theory they ought to be able to.