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Re: Lowell Sun on ATT Comcast Cuts

At 02:06 PM 1/31/2003 -0500, Dan Billings wrote:
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>Subject: Lowell Sun on ATT Comcast Cuts
> > Comcast laid off more people today in Cambridge and Allston.
> > Digital Basic is now over $60
>Did you ever consider that one of the reasons that cable rates are so high
>is because the company was providing a local news service that didn't make
>money?  Or that rates were high because the prior ownership had more people
>on the payroll than necessary?  It seems to me that you are trying to have
>it both ways by complaining about rates and corporate cost cutting.
>-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

I didn't really....because cable rates are not charged based on how much it 
costs, they're charged on what the market will bear.  That's why Fenway 
Park has the highest ticket prices despite having one of the worst stadiums 
(and a famously losing team).....as long as chumps will keep paying for the 
tickets, they'll keep raising the prices until the fans stop coming.

Similar deal with cable rates...as long as people stick with cable, the 
rates will keep rising until enough people desert cable for 
satellite.   From what I've been hearing from talking with my 
friends...that crucial tipping point is fast approaching.

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