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Re: Comcast/AT&T Cable TV 3 Dumps Local Newscasts

Mark Watson writes:
>     I also wonder if Comcast's "commitment" to local programming and  it's
> viewers means that it's coverage of AHL hockey, college sports, weekly
> candlepin bowling and several other locally produced entertainment
> programming will be next to go.

It possibly means that Comcast is going to develop a new regional channel
which features news and sports programming. CN8 in metro Philly and
Baltimore airs minor-league baseball (Reading Phillies and Bowie BaySox,
among others), Philadelphia Phantoms minor-league hockey, some college and
high school sporting events, and a bunch of local news programming that came
along with a nightly sports show. Of course, doesn't Comcast already have a
pretty sizable stake in New England Cable News? If that's the case, any
replica of CN8 might have a bunch of overlap with NECN.