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Where are 80s cuts on WROR?

We've talked about WROR here before...and its various
format tweaks of late. The brief experiment of
"Timeless rock and roll" seems to be over... no more
album cuts, rock-edged stuff...They're supposed to be
the station covering the type of music "between WODS
and WZLX". 

Well, lately they seem to be a lot closer to 103.3. 
Classic hits (pop) but not classic _rock_. You're a
lot more likely to hear: 

Elton John--Daniel 
Grass Roots--Temptation Eyes 
Fleetwood Mac--Rhiannon 
Beatles-- Hello Goodbye 

than, say, Led Zep's "Whole Lotta Love". 
What interests me is that the liner they're now using

"Loren and Wally in the morning, The best of the 60s,
70s, and 80s all day." 

So where are the 80s? The only 80s tune I've heard
lately on 105.7 is Roy Orbison's 
"You Got It". Where are: 

U2--Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 
Springsteen--Born in the USA 
Huey Lewis & The News-- Power of Love (or anything
else by them) 
Eurythmics--Sweet Dreams (or is that too "chick radio"
for ya...Obviously, even if they WERE to run more 80s,
you wouldn't hear Madonna on 'ROR...) 
J. Geils--Centerfold 

Maybe I'm just tuning in at times when the 80s tunes
aren't showing up, but from what I can gather they're
playing stuff from the mid 60s up till the late 70s.
There's a lot of 80s cuts that could easily fit in,
but where are they? 

What's the Buzz, Knight? :)