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RE: Mike and the Mad Dog Sean McDonough

Kevin Vahey (k-vahey@attbi.com) writes:
> Scroll down to Jan 23rd and click on the link Sean McDonough. This is
> an amazing interview and would indicate Sean probably won't be around
> much longer.
> http://wfan.com/chrismikeaudio

>I am surprised Sean would be permitted by SNR to appear on a show competing
>with a nominal SNR O&O (620 was probably brokered out at that time,

>Hearing Mike call Lucchino a "carpet-bagger" in his New York accent was
>for a chuckle or three.

I was listening in to Sean McDonough's show yesterday (1/29/03). He
tried at any rate to clarify the remarks he made on the WFAN interview
we are discussing.

IMHO Lucchino is a clueless 'carpet-bagger'. I don't expect much from
the current Red Sox management, and I fully expect, given the past history
of this ownership, they'll bail out of here in a few years. I am one of
those that fully agree with one of the last columns that Sean McDonough's
dad Will (may he rest in peace), critcal of the current 'Sox ownership.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)