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Re: Bruins vs. State of Union

> "Tune to your left channel to WBZ's coverage of the
> President's address or
> to your right channel for the game.

If I recall correctly, two hockey positions are Left
Wing and Right Wing. You could have a Left Winger on
one speaker and a Right Winger on the other :)

(At this point, cue up Johnny Cash's "The One on the
Left is On The Right"...)

WBZ went from hockey to State of the Union at 9 pm,
followed by Pat Desmarais filling in for Paul
Sullivan. I suppose hockey fans who didn't care to
hear the speech could either try to catch it on
a Bruins network affiliate (maybe out of Providence?),
providing they also weren't doing the speech...
or they could catch the rest of the game on TV
(NESN, most likely).