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Bruins vs. State of Union

This morning I heard WBZ mention they would be
carrying the State of the Union address "starting at
9:01 pm". Then a few minutes later, during the sports
report, it was said that they'd have coverage of the
Bruins-Predators game starting at 6:30 pm (I assume
the game itself would start at 7). I'm guessing the
post-game coverage would end sometime between
9:30 and 10 pm.

The Firesign Theater once asked us, "How Can You Be In
Two Places At Once When You're Not Anywhere At
All?". In that spirit, I ask, "How Can WBZ Give Us 
Both Hockey and The President At The Same Time?"
I'm assuming that just before 9 pm, WBZ will announce
that the game is shifting to a sister station
(most likely WODS)...