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Re: Entercom imposes contract on AFTRA

Sorry the link didn't work. It was to the Binghamton Radio Archives at:
You can follow: Images/Radio Station Photos/Page 3/2nd to last photo.

I didn't know that Shulke stattions had boards like these. Someone in
that forum was asking if other stations had these boards. I was under
the impression that these were custom built for us (Triangle
Publications stations). As you say, all the levels, including the mike,
were preset.

- Chip

Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
> Some of the old Beautiful Music formats (those with live announcers) had
> boards without pots.
> Schulke stations had their own specially built boards that had *all* the
> levels pre-set...even the jock mike.
> BTW...Your link isn't working for me.
> JP