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Re:Re: Re:Re: Re:Re: Minor league radio update

Part of the mess there is city says no room for extra parking to support 
seating. UMass Lowell plays a big role in this.

Weber wanted to move AA to Lowell but UMass objected to games in April 
and May. Drew's biggest worry is keeping the Red Sox happy as being a 
Sox team doubles the worth of that franchise. Nashua, Brockton and now 
Lynn do ok, but they not the Sox.

The sad thing is they are really a cheap outfit. The website is a joke, 
they don't even send a holiday card to the season ticket holders.

On Sat, 25 Jan 2003 1:09PM -0500, Dave Faneuf wrote:
> ---------- "Dan Billings" <billings@suscom-maine.net> writes:
> What's the problem between Weber and the City of Lowell?  It would be 
> a
> shame to see the team move.  Since team moved to Lowell, it has been 
> one of
> the most successful teams in the NY-Penn League.  Last year, only 
> Brooklyn
> and Aberdeen had higher attendance.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine
> Dave writes:
> In a word, greed.  When The Spinners first got a lease the deal was 
> they pay the city several hundred thousand dollars over the life of the 
> lease and pick up the cost of maintenence.  The Spinners have been much 
> more successful than anyone thought, so when The Lowell Plan (a 
> quasi-public agency) offered to put up a couple of million dollars to 
> loan to the Weber's to expand seating at the ballpark the city wanted 
> to rewrite the lease to get more money.  From what I read in the paper 
> that ticked off Weber and he agreed to reopen the lease but changed his 
> mind about taking on 2-million dollars in debt to expand a ballpark he 
> doesn't own.
> df