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Re:Re: Re:Re: Minor league radio update

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> Dave writes:
> I believe the Webers are wealthy without the Spinners.  As for buying >WLLH
>if it were me I'd recommend against it just because of their poor >signal
>outside of the core city of Lowell and Lawrence.  The station that I >would
>have my sights on is WHOB, signal covers Greater Lowell, Nashua and
>Manchester and that would play in nicely with his plans to acquire a >double
>A team for Manchester.

Dan writes:
>Accept you couldn't carry two minor league teams on one station.  The
>schedules would overlpa too much.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

Dave writes:
My guess, assuming he purchases WHOB, is that he would put the Spinners on WHOB until his new team was ready to debut (the stadium etc still needs to be built) then put his Manchester team on the air.  Given the attitude the City of Lowell has toward Weber's lease at the ballpark in Lowell I would be surprised if Weber didn't sell the Spinners once the Manchester team is created, or if he keeps the Spinners I'm guessing he'd move them out of Lowell.