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Re:RE: Hypothetically speaking...in NH...

---------- "Paul Hopfgarten" <paul@03038.com> writes:
>I would say that WHOM (94.9) puts out the best signal on a state-wide >basis.
>The old Peak FM signal (WPKQ 103.7) doesn't really cover the SW 1/4 of >the
>state as WKNE-FM in Keene shares the 103.7 frequency.
>And on AM...WRKO certainly is a close 2nd to 'BZ in the Southern Half >of NH
>Paul Hopfgarten

You are right about Peak-FM, I forgot about Keene so WHOM would have much better coverage.  
As for WRKO, when I worked in Brattleboro at WKVT I used to drive back to Mass a couple of times a week (I was dating my future wife at the time) I noticed WRKO had no night signal in that direction at all,  when they swithced to night pattern and I was anywhere near Peterboro NH the signal would just disappear with a pop,  When I was still in school and Dorman was doing mornings on WRKO he would occasionally say "good morning to Worcester" when the day pattern kicked in.