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Letter to the Editor Boston Globe, Jan 19th

I assume it's ok to quote letters to the editor of a newspaper because they
are not proprietary to the publication, and the author's intent was as widespread a circulation as possible.
Today's (01/19) Boston Sunday Globe printed a letter by Jeff Stone of Milton, Mass.
The Globe's headline was "The rise of smarmy ads for snake oil":

  Concomitant with the rise in dubious image advertising for
  legitimate drugs, there has been an annoying increase in
  smarmy ads and infomercials for snake oil remedies. On radio
  and TV, potions with dynamic-sounding names claim to grow
  hair, burn fat, boost virility, turn back the biological
  clock, and induce happiness itself.  One gets the feeling that
  government regulations on truth in advertising were rescinded
  when we weren't looking.  Legality aside, broadcasters ought
  to exercise greater self-restraint in allowing these hawkers of 
  schlock to pollute the public airwaves.  

For those of you who don't get the Globe, I thought you would find this
missive interesting;  I'd like to see some radio and TV station execs
reply and justify some of this stuff (and that includes cable channels
as well as cable system operators).

Laurence Glavin

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