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Re: Radio...Shack

>When I briefly worked for RS years ago, the policy was that sales that
>didn't have an address didn't count towards your monthly quota and/or

What's a spiff? Isn't that what Bob Marley used to sing about lighting up?

A spiff is a form of sales commission.  It is generally tied to a specific
product or upsell.  For example, when I worked for Underground Camera,
selling the house brand lens (ProStar) over the name brand lens (Vivitar or
OEM) brought the salesman a $5-10 spiff.  Selling a service contract brought
the salesman a 10% spiff.  This differs from a straight commission on all

IIRC, RS had a monthly quota.  Once over the monthly quota you could earn a
commission.  Of course, if you went over the quota and earned the
commission, the next month's quota went up!

I think that they are now giving spiffs on extended warranties and also on
subscription type items (cell phones, sat TV, internet, etc.).  This is just
an educated guess, however.

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