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RE: Radio...Shack

Being a former "Shackie," (I was young and needed the money), I can tell
you that management would give us all kinds of grief if we turned in
sales slips without names and addresses.  You'd swear that they were
being paid by the slip.  I can also tell you that I've heard sales
people warn customers that the warranty would not be valid if the
name/address was not on the slip.  But I've never known that to be true.
And there's my expose' on The Shack!

I might also go on to say that it was absolutely the most fun (and
lowest-paying) job I've ever had.


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 I keep telling the cashiers that I'm already in their system and
their catalogues, and there's no need to make the only open register
back up through the entire store (as we spell my name letter by letter
ponder the difference between Summer Street and Somerville MA) on my
but they always insist anyway.