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Interesting RadioShack spot I just heard (Glenn Beck on WXZO
Willsboro, NY) where they're spoofing on what drives people nuts?
Stores asking for your name and address.  The central casting
announcer vo's that RadioShack "will no longer ask you for your name
and address."  The spot is significant for the fact that it
shamelessly points the boney finger back at themselves and turns it
into a good reason to go back there again.  Be honest, did you ever
give them the wrong address?  It made me nuts when I'd go in there,
cash, a 49 cent resistor, and they want to know where I live?
Helloo?  And I already received 5,643 of their fliers.  I think more
businesses should be counseled to examine the really stupid things
that they do, make a decision to STOP IT and then cut a funny dunce
cap spot and ROS on your local station, rubbed liberally.

Bill O'Neill