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Re: Re:Clear Channel cuts do include on air positions

IMO, the folks they were trying to reach was  definitely the over-45
crowd (Like me) and folks who couldn't get decent reception of the old
WRKD-1450 Rockland when it was Adult Standards, and who probably are
still irked that WHOM is no longer Easy-Listening. Chances are. many of
them probably don't realize that EZL still is easy to find on Bob
Bittner's WJTO 730,

I thought the former WBYA was quite
pleasant to listen to, but with the MOYL format, it does try to skew a
more pop-oriented crowd. I'll have to listen to them more and see if
they still feature "Sounds of Sinatra" and "When Radio Was" with Stan

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Marbor, Maine