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Fewer Local Advertisers on WCCM-AM 1490

I catch the 6:00 am news on WCCM as I leave the house, and have been doing so for a while.
When WCCM was on 800 transmitting from Andover, that newscast and some other programming
offered spots by local advertisers.
Now, any breaks are for male sexual aids, increasing one's vocabulary,
vocational correspondence courses and greeting cards on the internet.
The time period to which I'm referring is pre-sunrise in winter.
It must be tough for a sales person in Lawrence/Methuen/Andover etc
to talk a local business into advertising on a station they can't hear until
daylight.  The article about WMTW radio in Maine commented on the lack of
local advertsing, but that is probably partially due to the over-saturation 
of signals in the Portland area.  WCCM has an English-speaking monopoly
in its coverage area, if you exclude WCAP, but the station is too tough to get
when the sun don't shine.

Laurence Glavin

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